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Your AdWords Account Needs An Audit.

Your AdWords Account Needs An Audit

Google Adwords is an integral part of the marketing team budget for many businesses. The AdWords program empowers a business to set on its advertising budget and make payment only when users click. Since, a lot of money is dedicated towards Google Adwords by an organization, it is very essential to have a close and timely check on its performance parameters. Audits make businesses familiar with the loop holes, which the advertizing campaign goes through, which cannot be gauged while on a normal routine. AdWords Account Audit gives a clear picture about where there is a leakage and money is being wasted.

Why an Account Audit is strongly recommended?

As time passes by, the account tends to fall into a set routine practice and updates. At such moments, it is very difficult to comprehend what can be the missing factor. The best way to look out for grey areas where revenues might escape is, to put the account under scrutiny. Experience speaks that, even the most tightly operating accounts also benefit from an external audit approach.

There are innumerable ways of keeping a check on your AdWords account health, but following tips can be really useful in order to have complete optimization of money spent.

When an Account Audit should be undertaken?

a) It is highly recommended to have audits on Quarterly basis.

b) Do not immediately have an account audit, soon after a lot of changes are made to the account.

Tracking Location Performance

Initial check must be targeting the campaign settings more importantly Advanced Location, Google usually recommends “People in, searching for or showing interest in my targeted location” if that option is checked, it creates a lot of noise, with users from random countries. Instead “People in my targeted location” serves the purpose better, as unnecessary traffic diverted to the website is of no good.

Query Matching

Query matching is an aspect which is easily overlooked. The missed queries cannot be found with naked eyes, a Search Query Report needs to be extracted. It is far more beneficial to have an Excel table extracted as a Pivot table created out of the data available, would instantly fetch matching issues making them evident.

Keeping an eye on competition

Auction insights is a powerful tool which allows data across Key words Ad groups and campaigns to be viewed , it also aids in creating reports. Using Auction insights, a close check is kept on the competitors move. Auction insights can be navigated under the Campaigns tab in details. Auction insights work, as armor and help stack against competition.

Keeping a check on Devices: Very Essential

As users have changed browsing alternatives, it is important to have a check on device performance. Going back to campaigns view clicking on segments leads to the device tab, this leads to data that shows performance between devices like Desktop and Mobiles. Desktop can be set as the benchmark, and accordingly data for mobile can be tweaked to use it for better benefit.

Time segmentation and Account Structure

Exporting competitor results quarterly is a sensible alternative. It gives a picture of, spending pattern of competitors. A smart to way have competitor analysis. Evaluating the account structure is also very essential.
Running down quickly through the blog will make it more clear how AdWords Account Audits are essential, and the ways to keep a check which will save on the wastage of Money while helping the user with different permutation and combinations to be made within the Account for accelerated performance.

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