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Vidushi Infotech at E&I European Conference Paris 2013

The 2013 Excellence & Innovation (E&I) Conference will be held in March 2013 in Paris, France. WSI, the world’s top Internet franchise, hosts this European conference which features WSI consultants from all around the globe every year. The E&I convention features presentations and insights about the latest trends in digital marketing. Vidushi Infotech, one of WSI’s valued consultants will showcase varied solutions that we have worked upon, in the past year.

Vidushi Infotech is an excellent web development company that has been in existence for 10 years. The web development showcase at E&I Paris is a great platform for us to display our excellent projects that we completed over the last few months. Let us have a look at them:
An E-commerce website catering to users in Spain, Autogestoria has an elegant and easy to use interface with a shopping cart and added social media branding. The navigation on this website is uncluttered which further enhances its user friendliness. We have taken steps to ensure that bounce rate on the website is kept at a minimum.
A website for a company dealing with professional design & engineering services in the Oil & Gas industry, is built upon the robust DotNetNuke (DNN) framework. It contains a moderate amount of content and we have placed several calls to action features in order to gain more leads from potential customers. We have also set up social media branding features on the website for the same purpose of generating more leads.
This is a website for a restaurant built in WordPress. Among other features such as __, we have also added a functionality to book table reservations online. The clean and flowing design of the website adds to its appeal.
This is an E-commerce website built on classic ASP and features great E-commerce functionality. All products are presented in an excellent manner with product details and specifications for each of them. We have taken a number of steps and implemented features in order to achieve a high sales conversion on this website.
This is a website offering First Aid and other training courses to the general public. Online course registration and eLearning modules give this website added levels of functionality. We have also performed search engine optimization (SEO) on this website, owing to which this client features among the top 3 positions on Google search for the following keywords:

Along with the web development and SEO, we also carried out a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for this website. It was a resounding success and we gained the following accomplishments:

  • Ad ranking on top position for maximum keywords
  • High Click-through Rate (CTR) of around 30%
  • High quality score and less Cost Per Click (CPC)
This is a website that provides villas for vacationing purposes. It is built upon the eFusion platform and contains social media branding as well as several call to action features. It is fairly easy to navigate through and contains a sophisticated design that is modern as well as functional.


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