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Things to Happen In PPC So Far In 2016

In February 2016, there was a bunch of announcements that were made during the Google Performance Summit. Expectedly, search marketers will be working more effectively on those announcements in the second half of the year. Here is a look back at all those updates and news that are ready to create an impact so far this year.

The Bing Network

Bing started taking over the powering search and search ads on AOL from Google. In the 10 year deal, ads were served on AOL and syndicated search partners.

Till date Bing continues to serve ads of Yahoo results, but the account management is completely separate. Bing ads scaled up a sales force of 450 and then transitioned over 10,000 managed accounts in North America.

Right Rail Ads

In February, 2016; Google confirmed that they would no longer provide text ads in the right rail on desktop. This paved the way for Google’s expanded text ads announcement.

Bid Ad Changes for Locals and Maps

Google started showing ads in the Local Finder and in April, it stopped categorizing Maps as a search partner. This sudden change means that only ads with local extensions are eligible to show in Maps.

At the end of this month, Google started with using purple ad labels in Maps. The next frontier for ads is in the Local pack in search results.

Last 15 Years of Text Ad Testing

The biggest change that was announced in the first half of the year was the expanded text ads. Advertisers running text ads will be rewriting ads in the coming months. The new format was announced at GPS.

Return of Device Bidding

The best announcement in 2016 was the coming back of device bidding. Tablet and desktop bids will be separate and thus, advertisers can set base bids for mobile. These and other implications will be the main topic of discussions in the coming months.

Microsoft to purchase LinkedIn

The announcement that Microsoft plans to buy LinkedIn caught people’s attention and everyone started speculating about what that mean. A reliable source claimed that discussions around advertising are going on.

Bing Ads Editor for Mac arrives

Finally, Bing launched ads editor for Mac in the month of June. This is already available in beta in the US and will soon be rolling out to all markets. This launch was significant as it relieved a big barrier to entry for Mac users.

These were some of the most-talked about changes that took place in PPC and all of them have set the stage for a busy next half.

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