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The Importance of SEO in E-commerce

Over the years, E-commerce has established itself as a viable alternative to physical trading and commerce. The act of buying and selling products online is growing at an alarming rate and does not look to be slowing down anytime soon. Websites like eBay, Amazon, Newegg are the global giants of E-commerce and have a widespread customer base around the world.

SEO for E-commerce

Why E-Commerce?

Businesses that have been selling and buying products in the traditional sense are now opening up to E-commerce because of its broad appeal and ease of use. This is also a great way of gaining new customers and it also plays a major part in branding of a business.
he example of a small business like a local stationery sto

Take the example of a small business like a local stationery store :

The owner of this business is losing out to large E-commerce websites that attract customers by offering a wide range of products at the click of a mouse button. For the owner of the stationery store, the only way to combat this is by opening his own E-commerce website that has a large inventory and attracts the local crowd by offering special discounts on products.

Thus, traditional businesses can look forward to shifting to an electronic medium with the right business strategy.

How can SEO help an E-Commerce site?

SEO plays a large role in increasing traffic that is generated by a website by improving its ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). This results in the growth of a business as it stands to gain more customers. In the context of an E-commerce website, increase in the number of visitors is vital for its sustenance and success.

A simple Google search query for “buy shoes online in New York” will display a large number of search results along with paid advertisements and map listings. To compete with such a large number of competitors, optimizing your E-commerce website in order to improve your SERP position is the most viable option.
SEO for E-commerceIf carried out effectively, a properly run an SEO campaign for an E-commerce website can provide long term benefits and ensure a constant supply of visitors and customers to the website.

Implementing SEO on an E-commerce website

In order to conduct an effective SEO campaign on an E-commerce website, one needs to consider the following points:

  • Target unique keywords that have low competition and decent traffic.
  • Conversion-based website design and low page load timings to ensure a low bounce rate of probable customers.
  • Ensure complete information on products on each product page so that customers do not have to look elsewhere, thus resulting in higher probability of a sale.
  • Place products on homepage.
  • Unique content for each product description that is different from the company provided specifications as this helps in the uniqueness of data.
  • Optimize images for search.
  • Generate quality back links from high domain authority sites.
  • Ability to share products and write reviews using social media channels for generating higher visibility and brand awareness on online social networks.
  • Mobile version of the main website as increasing number of people prefer shopping on their smartphones.
  • Create a blog for internal linking, external linking, increasing web traffic to your site and higher social media interaction.
  • Encourage product reviews for high level of interaction with customers and visitors.

Thus, to have a successful E-commerce website, you need high visibility on the Internet and for this, you need a successful SEO campaign that helps in optimizing your E-commerce website for search engines.

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