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Getting the Most Out of Google Shopping Results

Google Shopping, originally named ‘Froogal’ and then “Google Product Search”, has always been a great channel for online retailers of all sizes. It simply offers the desired exposure to your products so as to reach new buyers and drive better purchases. If you’re one of those who’re unaware of Google Shopping – it’s a platform consisting of product listings ads that appear at the top center or top right of a Google search results page when someone searches for a product. One of the most profitable advertising channels Product listings with rich product information such as price, image, color/size, SKU number, and brand name creates an engaging user experience Even an under-optimized Google Shopping campaign returns some results and sales But do you really want to be happy with some mediocre results? Why settle on average output when so much more is readily available to you? To win the right impressions, you must get your ad in front of the right … [Read more...]