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Process of validating and debugging accelerated mobile pages

validating and debugging accelerated mobile pages

Speed is a phenomenon that everybody looks out for. People generally prefer to procure faster options in all walks of life, be it food, commute or technology. Accelerated mobile pages are nothing, but a technology that drives readers search, for web based information on their mobile devices. Initially, the experience was tiresome and frustrating. But today, as technology advances there are ways to validate and debug accelerated mobile pages with the help of tools. Accelerated Mobile Pages project is an open source technology, which allows publishers to create mobile friendly content and also validate it on the go. All it requires is a handy source code to have the validity checks. Only valid AMP pages are visible on Google’s search results, and hence it is crucial to have pages validated before making them live. Google has recently shared a few tips which are very useful in terms of validating the page as well debugging issues.

Following is the guidance provided by Google in terms of validating and debugging pages before they hit live on the web.

Google Advocates the use of Browser Developer Tool

It should be used in the following manner

a) AMP tool should be loaded in the browser.
b) Add “#development=1” to the URL at the end.
c) And check for validation in Chrome Dev tools.


The page can also be validated by using, a simple free of cost tool called AMP Web Validator.

a) Ctrl C+ Ctrl V source code in the web developer.
b) Look for errors between code lines.
c) Directly edit the code in Web Validator.

Diagnose Bugs

Once the validated pages go live on the web, next check point is to ensure the validity.

Google’s Recommendation

AMP Browser extensions are available in Chrome and Opera, browse through the site with extensions turned on, it will evaluate the validity page by page giving a color code.

Following the Color Code

a. Red: Errors Exist (# will be displayed)
b. Green: Error Free
c. Blue: The page is not AMP, but an AMP version is available

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