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Method To Implement Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

Enhanced ecommerce tracking is the modified version of traditional ecommerce tracking. Differentiating factors here are (a) Enhanced ecommerce tracking provides more ways and scope of collecting and analyzing data. (b) Reports generated on enhanced ecommerce tracking are twice in number, as compared to the traditional ecommerce tracking. It brings in a deeper understanding of ecommerce user engagement & is like an ecommerce tracking booster. Enhanced ecommerce tracking has the ability to track all the eleven most important shopping activities and more for deeper insight of shopping behavior.Implementation is not easy, to get more out of the new plug-in it is advisable to go for ecommerce SEO package.

Following are the steps necessary for implementation of Enhanced E-commerce Tracking

*Note: For implementation of enhanced ecommerce tracking, same like traditional ecommerce tracking, it is mandatory to add a server side script.

Upgrade Universal Analytics

Up gradation to universal analytics is necessary for classic Google Analytics (ga.js) users. As the classic Google Analytics is not supportive to enhanced ecommerce tracking.
*Note: Migration to Universal Analytics is a 6 step process.

Add the required enhanced ecommerce tracking code

In order to track shopping activities of vital nature, it is necessary to add required enhanced ecommerce tracking code to different WebPages on the website.
*Note – Enhanced ecommerce tracking cannot run on parallel grounds with traditional ecommerce for the same web property; hence it is not advisable to add tracking code at this stage for measuring product purchases.

Check out steps and name for Enabling and configuring enhanced ecommerce

Following are the configuration steps
1. Navigate Admin section on the GA property.
2. Click on “Ecommerce settings”,
3. Click on “Enable Ecommerce”
4. And lastly click on “Enhance Ecommerce Reporting”.

Replacement of old ecommerce tracking code with product purchase tracking code

Traditional ecommerce tracking will be replaced by enhanced ecommerce tracking, once the old ecommerce tracking code is replaced with product purchase tracking code, on the order confirmation page.
Primarily deploying ecommerce tracking code on the staging website via GA test property will make the game safer. Use of multiple trackers is required here. And when things look sorted and good, enhanced ecommerce tracking code can be deployed on the live website through the main GA property.

So, in order to track extra information to understand shopping behaviours, enhanced ecommerce tracking gives an opportunity to collect more data for better insights and an even better scope for improvement.

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