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Immediate Response

Project Name:Immediate Response

Goals and Challenges:
Before working with Vidushi Infotech, Immediate Response doesn’t have any web presence and used to do the advertising through traditional methods of Yellow Pages, radio and local newspaper ads. They want to develop their website and wanted to reach the targeted users/audience through web presence. They wanted to promote their first aid and CPR courses online and generate new leads. Vidushi’s objective for the client was to achieve the following goals:
• Launch a professionally designed and executed online marketing strategy.
• Generate leads from targeted search engine advertising.
• Increase customer engagement with strong a social media strategy.
The Solution:
We at Vidushi InfoTech developed a professionally designed and SEO friendly website for Immediate Response. In addition we created an internet marketing strategy for the company.
We conducted initial keyword and competitor’s analysis. We optimized some pages of existing website and began the monthly SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO campaign focused on following services:
• SEO Marketing
• Link Building
• Article Marketing (Article writing and Posting)
• Social Media Marketing (Creating, Optimizing and tracking Social Media Profiles)
• Monitoring and tracking the effectiveness.

The Results:
As a result of Vidushi Infotech’s services, Immediate Response went from an almost non-existent web presence to receiving an average of 50-200 visits each day. With the help of social media and web presence, it became very easy for the company to reach the targeted audience. Now the website of Immediate Response has became the significant revenue source of website. By implementing search engine strategy website’s traffic has doubled, bounce rate decrease and there are thousands of unique visitors each month. As well as the facebook and twitter followers are increased.

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