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Google Maps with Live View to Solve Peak-Hour Issues at Venues

Google Maps with Live View

It’s time for some good news! Google upgraded the functionality of “popular times” feature in Google Search and Maps to achieve a new height. People can now check out the relative popularity of a given place in live time. As per Google, this cool addition will let you see for how long people usually stay at a given destination and how much crowded the place is.

This is going to be super helpful for us to settle on things like where to go or whether you want to spend some time shopping or you would like to visit somewhere else. This has been implemented in a manner so that you can plan your itinerary, the better way.

Google’s “popular times” feature appeared last year to show how crowded bars, restaurants, cafes and shops are, as per historical visits. From Monday onwards, Search and Maps moved a step ahead with live updates to help people with real-time estimate of how crowded a place is.

With this trait, people can navigate their way around shopping corners over the holiday season and get a feel for what kind of crowds to expect while visiting a bar or café. Location Summaries acts as a savior as they tell you how long visitors generally stay at a place.

Basically the idea is to keep you updated beforehand about the crowd of the destination you are planning to visit. This could help you schedule your plan and make things work better for you.

Not all services within businesses follow the same operating hours. Google Maps now display the unique hours for different services within stores, businesses and restaurants. Get an idea of your food delivery times for local restaurants, opening hours of a drugstore, and service hours at auto stores.

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