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FMC – SEO Case Study



  • To successfully launch an organic SEO campaign
  • Keyword ranking on the first page of Google search results
  • Generating good amount of leads and traffic
  • Successfully promoting the website on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Work Strategy :
Starting with a well prepared SEO Action Plan; we have performed the initial pre-optimization for the website, competitor analysis, and website audit. We have also performed the quality niche link earning, competitor analysis for getting quality Backlinks, local listing and content evaluation (keyword density and duplicate content checking).
Our plan of action also included checking the improvement of the website every 2 months, so that necessary steps can be taken to improve the ranking and generating good amount of traffic for the website.

Results :
After working for 5 months as per our strategy, the website got indexed on Google and other major search engines with a significant increase in the traffic and ranking.
Initially the keywords were not at all in the ranking on any search engine, but with our intensive effort, the site ranked on the first page of Google for almost all the keywords i.e. 6 keywords ranking on the first page, 1 keywords ranking on the second and third page respectively. The unique visitors of the website also improve significantly.

Before we start – The Keyword Ranking Status was :

Keyword Rankings Before Start of the Work - FMC

Current Keyword Ranking Status :

Keyword Ranking After the Work Started - FMC

Before we start work on the project – Traffic Status was :
Total monthly traffic was – 678

Traffic status of FMC before the work on project started

After 5 Months Traffic Status :
Total monthly traffic was – 1651

Traffic status of FMC After the work on project started

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