Case study category:

Essex Weld

Project Name: Essex Weld

Case Study Term: Nov 2011 and August 2012

Essex Weld Solutions Limited is a global company servicing customers across North America, focuses on the development and global supply of custom and standard automotive racking products. It is a “Full Service Manufacturer” of custom automotive containers from bins to racks. They offer Designs, Prototypes and high Production by ensuring superior quality with the help of their ISO certified process system.

The Goal:
To develop, design and promote the site to grab the customers through online marketing.

As the design and the development were with us, so we developed the SEO friendly site which helped and reduced the extra effort and time of our SEO experts. And then started with to set up the SEO strategy by choosing the combination of single, medium and long tail terms on the basis of competitive analysis.

The targeted keywords are consistently ranked in the top 30 on google, bing and yahoo.

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