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Emotion Casino

Project Name:Emotion Casino

Goals and Challenges:
Emotion Casino is a well known casino of Mexico City. Emotion Casino’s previous website was outdated and they wanted to redesign their site. They also required the site traffic generation via internet marketing.
The Solution:
Vidushi build a new website and given major facelift and all important services.We optimized the website and created Google places listings for all casino centers ensuring 1 result in Google places suggestions for its niche. Afterwards, Vidushi initiated search engine optimization campaign with promotional events of casinos were advertised online for maximum exposure. In addition to all this we created created social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to achieve maximum results.
By targeting the SEO Campaigns, Vidushi helped the client to not only retained its existing customers but also managed to attract tourists visiting cities. Emotion Casino experienced increase in their leads in very short period of time.

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