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Vidushi Infotech at E&I European Conference Paris 2013

The 2013 Excellence & Innovation (E&I) Conference will be held in March 2013 in Paris, France. WSI, the world's top Internet franchise, hosts this European conference which features WSI consultants from all around the globe every year. The E&I convention features presentations and insights about the latest trends in digital marketing. Vidushi Infotech, one of WSI's valued consultants will showcase varied solutions that we have worked upon, in the past year. Vidushi Infotech is an excellent web development company that has been in existence for 10 years. The web development showcase at E&I Paris is a great platform for us to display our excellent projects that we completed over the last few months. Let us have a look at them: An E-commerce website catering to users in Spain, Autogestoria has an elegant and easy to use interface with a shopping cart and added social media branding. The navigation on this website is uncluttered which further … [Read more...]


Optimize your Word Press Blog

You write blogs so that everyone reads it. Getting the blog noticed needs optimization. There are a few not-to-miss ways to get the blog optimized. These are : 1. Keyword research: As the name suggests, one needs to do a thorough keyword research that is mostly used in search engines. Proper keywords brings in traffic to the blog. Googletool, wordtracker are some of the free keyword tools. Place these keywords in the title or as headlines, URLs and in the body of the content. A catchy or a unique content rich with keywords attracts traffic to the site. It also assures the readers that they are reading the relevant content. Vidushi Infotech helps you converting your visitors to customers with its SEO content writing services. You can also take advantage of our SEO services that includes keyword analysis for getting your blog optimized. 2. Include keyword in meta description tags. This will bold the keyword in search results, when users use it. The bold keywords would enable … [Read more...]


Advantage of CSS3

Cascading Style Sheets in short CSS are styling sheet language that allows designers to add style to the HTML documents and apply it to the pages required. CSS3 is the latest version that is in vogue which developers use to style their HTML sheets. CSS3 helps in ranking the site in the search engine optimization, thus making it one of the preferred tool, apart from giving the website a new look. Lets look at some of the advantages of using CSS3 and why is its preference with SEO: 1. Light weight coding: CSS3 is lightweight in coding. The spiders of search engines can read light weight pages faster. This in turns gets the website indexed faster, thus enduring visibility in the search engines along with ranking. Lighter pages make the pages less cumbersome in maintenance , as well as making it easier for the search engines to find your content online. 2. Better Search Engine results: Apart from being lighter in weight, the heading tags h1 are considered as containers of … [Read more...]


How to choose website development company?

You want to create an online presence! You create the website for your organization. But just creating a website isn't enough. It needs to be maintained, updated on a regular basis. The following things should be kept in mind before investing in a right web solutions provider: 1. Know your requirements 2. Ask for Referrals 3. Check the website and technologies 4. Consider their experience 5. Inquire for the samples 6. Consider pricing 7. Go through the testimonials of the company Now lets elaborate each aspect: 1. Know your requirements: Before looking out for an organization, list out few requirements ● The budget you can afford for the business. ● The technologies you would want to practice. ● What does your website do? Selling, purchasing, promoting or educating the customers? ● Research the audience and the market- whether it fits your requirements? 2. Ask for Referrals: Once you've listed out your requirements, ask for referrals from friends, … [Read more...]