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6 Signs That Indicate You Are Over-Optimizing Your Blog

Search engine over-optimization technique can ruin the website’s ranking! Is it true? It has recently been announced that Google is penalizing websites that is over optimized. You might probably notice the changes once you lose the organic traffic of the website. But, do you know what exactly over-optimization means? Well, over optimization means that you are practicing too many SEO improvements all at one time, which in turn put you in trouble; thereby creating negative impact on your website. So, the question arises as how to keep your website natural and relevant? Here’re six signs to look for in an over-optimized site. 1.Targeting non-relevant keywords to rank your website. Even if the topic is highly searched, it will not be going to improve your conversion to any extent. 2.Similarly, opting to hyper-optimize URLs instead of creating a brand name may lead to over-optimization. The best part is to include your brand name in your URL. 3.On several occasion, SEO focus … [Read more...]


3 Content Marketing Tricks to Convert Your Traffic into Sales Leads

Ever since traditional marketing forms have taken a little more backseat, small and large businesses seem to tightly embrace digital marketing. And when it comes to earning high ROIs, what could better help you gain it than content marketing efforts? Yes, content marketing is the core of digital marketing practice and if you aim to convert the traffic coming to your site into sales leads, crafting your own content marketing strategy cannot be skipped. A recently drawn statistical data says that 83% of marketers in the world have a well-defined content marketing strategy, customized for their business. How could you lag behind just because you lack the right plan to market the content! Research, write, publish, repeat - is that what you’ve been doing lately? While communication devices are tremendously swarming with content, it’s not enough to simply write and publish. You must constantly measure the impact of your content marketing activities on the business. Discover what … [Read more...]


How to Unlock Your ‘Not Provided’ Keywords in Google Analytics?

Background As you know that Google is no longer providing keyword data within Google Analytics, and as a result most of the keywords are showing "not provided" in its result. However, these changes aren't of much surprise, as it has been going on since late 2011. If you closely monitor your website analytics, then you will notice that the number of keywords displaying "not provided" are more as compared to other keywords. Due to this, it has become more difficult to keep a track on a particular keyword, as how they are performing in order to make alteration to the website content accordingly. With the Google's recent changes, SEO professionals have no longer access to raw data to measure the SEO result, making performance reporting less accurate. The best part is, unlike Google's Panda and Penguin updates, this change will only affect the performance reporting for keyword research. Why does it say (not provided)? Google actually implemented this change in November 2011 with … [Read more...]


Improving Brand Awareness through Social Media

The word 'Brand' carries a unique significance for any organization or company. Typically, it represents the core values of the organization in the form of Logo, Images/Pictures, and Slogans. Almost 45% of in-house B2C (Business to Customer) respondents emphasize on creating brand presence as an effective business strategy. Brand awareness is the most important success factor for any online business. One of the most proficient ways to increase brand awareness is "Social Networking." Every company either it be small, medium, or large corporate sector practice social media as an effective tool to create awareness and build a reputation in the market. With social networking, you can easily reach millions of people around the globe. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and You Tube are the common tools of social networking that are frequently used to broadcast products and services, engaging potential customers. Tips for Building Brand Awareness through Social … [Read more...]