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Google’s Algorithm: Best Practices For Enhanced SEO Performance

Google strongly believes in the phenomenon called change. Each year Google changes its algorithm numerous times, most of these changes are minor. Occasionally a master change is rolled out, which becomes an update. This update is an official release of the Algorithmic change that makes noticeable changes to the way Google Search Results work. Hence, it is important for marketers to keep an eye on these updates. These updates determine the optimization of Google’s search engine. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are three major sections of Google’s Algorithm. Google makes use of these algorithm segments, to keep an eagle’s eye on various aspects of online presence, so that accuracy and relativity of the search results can be maintained. As and when Google undertakes these updates, natural searches and SEO constantly changes, with newer best practices. Following these practices, can lead the site to reach more paying customers. Let’s take a look at how algorithm and SEO … [Read more...]


Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to Advertise Small Medium Company

The era of digital signage matters a lot when it comes to online presence or brand recognition. While everything is becoming digital savvy, why not switch the marketing strategy? Online or digital marketing is the new marketing life-line of every business, which creates brand awareness and leads to success. If you are looking forward to gain excellent leads and ROI through a perfectly planned digital marketing strategy, then hiring a professional agency is the best way to reach the bottom line of business. There are thousands of Internet marketing companies to choose from. Why Hire a Professional Digital Marketing Agency? Simple, because you can’t do it all on your own, with the desired expertise !  No matter you are the marketing head, or a small business owner running all day for every small and big job to get completed, your time and attention both are pulled into hundreds of directions. It's needless to say that you’re spread thin; and nothing can be achieved up to the … [Read more...]


Reach Local Markets through Global Insights

With the advent of electronic media, everything is available online; be it a pen or a giant treadmill. The digital landscape has been evolving with incredibly rapid pace and the Internet offers the largest milieu open with numerous opportunities, for both businesses and customers. Are you a small or medium business owner delving to grab more number of customers than ever? It's definitely difficult to attract new clients to your door; rather even more difficult, if you have an online business! Unlike an actual shop that attracts people walking by with slick advertising strategies and alluring offers, online businesses lack the luxury of a physical presence. Thus, adopting digital smartness and savvy approach becomes vital while marketing such a business. This is where Vidushi InfoTech comes into picture! When it comes to making most of your online presence, Vidushi's online marketing consultants can provide with the global expertise to reach local markets. We assist … [Read more...]


Facebook: Updating Brand Page Insights Tool

Facebook insight provides the measurement of the page performance i.e. metrics about the content. With the usage of demographics and quality content, you can improve your business. The metrics on Insight Dashboard can only be viewed by the domain administrators, page administrators and app owners. There has been a recent update to the insight tool that has helped many companies to promote their marketing on Facebook, thereby preparing better business strategies. With this update, PTAT has been broken-out into different elements such as share the post, like the page, post on the page wall, comment on the post, tag the page with a photo, share a post, share a check-in deal, and write a recommendation. Through this you can easily get an idea of what the audience enjoys reading; thereby creating attractive and unique content as per the market demand. Furthermore, there has been an inclusion of clicks in the metric and renaming 'virality' to 'engagement rate' so as to be more clear and … [Read more...]