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Method To Implement Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

Enhanced ecommerce tracking is the modified version of traditional ecommerce tracking. Differentiating factors here are (a) Enhanced ecommerce tracking provides more ways and scope of collecting and analyzing data. (b) Reports generated on enhanced ecommerce tracking are twice in number, as compared to the traditional ecommerce tracking. It brings in a deeper understanding of ecommerce user engagement & is like an ecommerce tracking booster. Enhanced ecommerce tracking has the ability to track all the eleven most important shopping activities and more for deeper insight of shopping behavior.Implementation is not easy, to get more out of the new plug-in it is advisable to go for ecommerce SEO package. Following are the steps necessary for implementation of Enhanced E-commerce Tracking *Note: For implementation of enhanced ecommerce tracking, same like traditional ecommerce tracking, it is mandatory to add a server side script. Upgrade Universal Analytics Up gradation to … [Read more...]


6 Vital Google Analytics Reports That Every Marketers Should Know About

Google Analytics is the most preferred free tool, used for measuring the success of your inbound marketing efforts. No matter what, marketers should have a deep understanding of this tool and its conversion measurement capabilities. Google Analytics can help you with its report on whether your efforts are actually translating into results or not. Mastering the art of Google analytics is not that easy, especially for the beginners. There are actually loads of things that need to be kept in mind when operating this marketing tool. No need to panic as we have sum up a list of some truly essential Google analytics report that can help marketers deliver a better and improved performance. Mobile Performance Report As we live in a mobile-first world, the number of mobile users exceeds the number of desktop users. On the other hand, mobile ecommerce is approximately 30 percent of all the other eCommerce in the US. Growing demand for mobile devices all over the globe is one of the … [Read more...]