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Reasons that Explain Cause of High Bounce Rate

On many occasions visitors or searchers tend to land on a website and leave. He or she just happens to vaguely browse through content and leaves, without any trace of activity. This percentage of visitors that leave a website without clicks or conversions is called bounce rate. Well this situation definitely has the potential to tense up marketers, giving them a reason to worry. As we all know bounce rate is nothing but, the percentage of visitors that happen to leave a website. And before the actual worry begins, one need to consider that “high” is a relative term. Audience view tab in Google Analytics maintain and display overall bounce rate of a website. Reasons are many, as to why websites encounter high bounce rate. Let’s scan common reasons and also arrive to solutions that can help fix these issues. 1. Slow-page load times Longer than 4 seconds is slow in the digital world. When websites take longer than 3 to 4 seconds to load, visitors bidding adieu to the … [Read more...]


The Impact of Possum Updates on Local Search Results

Google on September 1, 2016 secretly released an update which is dearly called Possum by the SEO community. Possum update by Google only affects local search results. To make this simpler, if you are not apprehensive about the location factor, this update will not make any difference to you. Google’s latest algorithm update Possum is significant and shows ostensibly positive results towards users and local businesses. Local business, like mom and pop stores, laundries, bakeries or even plumbing services need to be pushed on local searches. Possum isn’t an update officially announced by Google. Enthusiastic local SEO experts came to a conclusion after noticing behavioural changes in the search results. Mozcat and Algoroo are awesome in the art of tracking shifts in search results, but to a surprise Possum algorithm update did not create a buzz in their charts. This is a possibility as, the SERP might not contain a 3-pack, and that’s possibly the reason as to why these big … [Read more...]


Implementation of Mobile Specific Ad Copy Vital for Expanded Text Ad Success

Mobile phones or more dearly known as smart phones are gaining huge popularity. Mobile preference is taking giant steps and hence it is necessary to have strategies in place. Conversions are easier, when mobile phone users can comfortably & securely complete purchase processes just over click of a button. First half of 2016 with popular search ad test worked as a yardstick of click- through rates for Ads. Google and Bing representatives worldwide confirmed that CTR’s went almost double, when mobile optimized ads were compared to no preference ads. Sites that gave a try to implementing and testing these mobile specific Ad copy, experienced huge success, not only that but SERP also served these sites in higher-ranking positions while SEM’s developed creative, which was friendly to mobile searches. As a result device based target setting at ad level, is changing preference to being able to make adjustments at the campaign and ad group levels. Device-specific ad copy associated … [Read more...]


Google’s Algorithm: Best Practices For Enhanced SEO Performance

Google strongly believes in the phenomenon called change. Each year Google changes its algorithm numerous times, most of these changes are minor. Occasionally a master change is rolled out, which becomes an update. This update is an official release of the Algorithmic change that makes noticeable changes to the way Google Search Results work. Hence, it is important for marketers to keep an eye on these updates. These updates determine the optimization of Google’s search engine. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are three major sections of Google’s Algorithm. Google makes use of these algorithm segments, to keep an eagle’s eye on various aspects of online presence, so that accuracy and relativity of the search results can be maintained. As and when Google undertakes these updates, natural searches and SEO constantly changes, with newer best practices. Following these practices, can lead the site to reach more paying customers. Let’s take a look at how algorithm and SEO … [Read more...]