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Ad Customizers: The New Power Engine For Adwords

“Adwords” a Google product has been growing ever since its launch; step-by-step capabilities have been added to enhance the product for a better user experience. Marketers moreover keep a close check to have an edge in PPC, so that the campaign has capabilities to outperform even in competitive blueprints. 2013 Adwords came up with the use of Programming, in order to set up time saving and performance boosting automations with the help of Adwords Scripts. This was the story 3 years back, now that we are headed to 2017, Adwords has an entirely different power feature which allows users to make use of programming directed to improve performance. Customizers are at the junction of topics like feed-based advertising and programming. There are a few innovative methods to use the old format of feed based capabilities, which will be covered along with the brand-new programming –based techniques. Addition Of Brand New Capabilities To Ad Customizers The ad customizer capabilities … [Read more...]


Implementation of Mobile Specific Ad Copy Vital for Expanded Text Ad Success

Mobile phones or more dearly known as smart phones are gaining huge popularity. Mobile preference is taking giant steps and hence it is necessary to have strategies in place. Conversions are easier, when mobile phone users can comfortably & securely complete purchase processes just over click of a button. First half of 2016 with popular search ad test worked as a yardstick of click- through rates for Ads. Google and Bing representatives worldwide confirmed that CTR’s went almost double, when mobile optimized ads were compared to no preference ads. Sites that gave a try to implementing and testing these mobile specific Ad copy, experienced huge success, not only that but SERP also served these sites in higher-ranking positions while SEM’s developed creative, which was friendly to mobile searches. As a result device based target setting at ad level, is changing preference to being able to make adjustments at the campaign and ad group levels. Device-specific ad copy associated … [Read more...]


Your AdWords Account Needs An Audit.

Google Adwords is an integral part of the marketing team budget for many businesses. The AdWords program empowers a business to set on its advertising budget and make payment only when users click. Since, a lot of money is dedicated towards Google Adwords by an organization, it is very essential to have a close and timely check on its performance parameters. Audits make businesses familiar with the loop holes, which the advertizing campaign goes through, which cannot be gauged while on a normal routine. AdWords Account Audit gives a clear picture about where there is a leakage and money is being wasted. Why an Account Audit is strongly recommended? As time passes by, the account tends to fall into a set routine practice and updates. At such moments, it is very difficult to comprehend what can be the missing factor. The best way to look out for grey areas where revenues might escape is, to put the account under scrutiny. Experience speaks that, even the most tightly operating … [Read more...]