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5 Things Can Ruin Your AdWords Campaigns

Online marketing professionals across the globe have been noticing that conversion tracking on AdWords is increasing at a rapid pace. But, optimizing AdWords can be quite tough as well as time consuming. Considering this fact, researchers & AdWord professionals have come up with few pointers that can ruin your AdWords campaigns. Let's have a look at common AdWords mistakes, which are as follows: Avoid using keywords in your ad copy: If you want to create an effective AdWords campaigns, selecting the right keywords is a must. It is recommended to research for the appropriate keywords for your ads. With Google AdWords, you can target the audience who browse websites with the search term, words or phrases related to your business.  In addition, it is suggested to use the “broad match” type for each keyword selection. Avoid using negative keywords in your settings: Negative keywords in your AdWords campaign means that the search engine will not display your ads … [Read more...]