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Google’s AMP Garners Mixed Reviews From Publishers

Google always has a goal that is associated with user experience. These days everybody carries a mobile phone and wants to play around with the web on their mobile devices. Google AMP is a step towards making the mobile web faster and more efficient for it users, giving the best user experience. Users on an average want a page to load within a couple of seconds, else they will not return to that site. Taking all this into consideration, Google had come up with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). As stated by The Wall Street journal, AMP is garnering mixed feedback from publishers. Root cause of the issue is that, AMP’s fail to generate revenue equal to full mobile sites; also publishers don’t have the required amount of control over ads. Many publishers say that AMP page view presently generates approximately 50% of revenue, when compared to full mobile websites. This is largely believed to happen because of limitations in relation to type of ad units. AMP ads are barrier to … [Read more...]


Process of validating and debugging accelerated mobile pages

Speed is a phenomenon that everybody looks out for. People generally prefer to procure faster options in all walks of life, be it food, commute or technology. Accelerated mobile pages are nothing, but a technology that drives readers search, for web based information on their mobile devices. Initially, the experience was tiresome and frustrating. But today, as technology advances there are ways to validate and debug accelerated mobile pages with the help of tools. Accelerated Mobile Pages project is an open source technology, which allows publishers to create mobile friendly content and also validate it on the go. All it requires is a handy source code to have the validity checks. Only valid AMP pages are visible on Google’s search results, and hence it is crucial to have pages validated before making them live. Google has recently shared a few tips which are very useful in terms of validating the page as well debugging issues. Following is the guidance provided by Google in … [Read more...]