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Eleven Seventy

Project Name: Eleven Seventy

Goals and Challenges:
Eleven Seventy Holdings. LLC was founded to assist today’s savvy consumer. They are a team that focuses on Life Balance and Wealth Accumulation Solutions. They assist individuals, Investors, business in analyzing the best real estate options for them.
When Eleven Seventy came to us they don’t have any web presence. Eleven Seventy wants to reach a targeted audience through their web presence. They wanted us to promote their website online, generate more leads and achieve better return on investment (ROI). Vidushi Infotech’s objective was to achieve following goals for Eleven Seventy:
• Indexing pages on different search engines.
• Building back links for website.
• Generating leads from organic search engine optimization.

The Solutions:
Eleven Seventy Holding’s website is a flash website and as Google never crawl flash sites.
So, our main motto was to index website’s all
Pages on Google and get noticed by Google. We design a search engine strategy for Eleven Seventy and amend all things step by step. We optimized entire site by taking care of the flash present on client’s website and started building back links for website as well.

We work on Eleven Seventy around 4months and in these 4months website get indexed on Google and other search engines. Website’s keywords started ranking and volume of site traffic during these 4month increased by 40-50%. Due to this web presence, it became very easy for the client to reach the targeted audience.
Now Eleven Seventy’s website has become the significant revenue source of business.

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