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Adwords price extension now available in swipeable format

Swipeable format of AdWords Ad Extension

We again have some exciting news from Google. Yes! We are talking about the official change Google has made to Price extensions by making them available in swipeable format. Price extension format in the new text ad made way to provide pricing related information about products and or services. Price extensions were launched in the month of July and in November we see a nice twist associated.

Price extensions were released with an aim to provide ease to mobile users, as they are a mobile-only format. Price extensions present information in a structured format, and makes it easier for users to make decision towards choosing their kind of add for a click.
Mobile Adwords Ad Extension

Let’s bounce back to the swipeable format of AdWords ad extension; webmasters are now very familiar and comfortable using the price extension. This new feature seems to be a helpful tweak. Google states that price extensions are also being rolled out for more languages and different currencies.

Initially when price extensions were introduced, information was displayed in a list format. Google’s tweet on November 14, 2016 mentioned that swipeable card format that pops out is going to be, the brand new and standard format in terms of price extensions.

Google also made an official announcement that 10 more languages will have the advantage of price extensions. These languages are English, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Dutch.

Price extensions are very easy to use, Price Ad Extensions are useful and provide useful information to users as advertisers make relevant choices. In short the swipe able format gives liberty to users in order to make a decision towards clicking or not clicking an ad, depending upon the relevance of information displayed.

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