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6 Vital Google Analytics Reports That Every Marketers Should Know About

Google Analytics is the most preferred free tool, used for measuring the success of your inbound marketing efforts. No matter what, marketers should have a deep understanding of this tool and its conversion measurement capabilities. Google Analytics can help you with its report on whether your efforts are actually translating into results or not. Mastering the art of Google analytics is not that easy, especially for the beginners. There are actually loads of things that need to be kept in mind when operating this marketing tool.

No need to panic as we have sum up a list of some truly essential Google analytics report that can help marketers deliver a better and improved performance.

Mobile Performance Report

As we live in a mobile-first world, the number of mobile users exceeds the number of desktop users. On the other hand, mobile ecommerce is approximately 30 percent of all the other eCommerce in the US.

Growing demand for mobile devices all over the globe is one of the reasons why Google prefer mobile-friendly websites. Google even penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly.

As a marketer it is important to know how your site performs on small screen because this is a vital step to stay alive in the SERP’s and gaining customer’s attention.

The mobile performance report will help you see how well your site is optimized for mobile devices. You can also get to know about the changes to take care of when optimizing websites for mobile devices. Segment the report further to find out which mobile browsers and customers are using to visit your site.

Traffic Acquisition Report

As a marketer, you should always keep your eye on visitors clicking your ads. Apart from this, you should also take care of your SEO strategy and how to generate traffic to your website.

This is when you will need the traffic acquisition report. This should be your first step in the reporting process. The report will give you a quick breakdown of your traffic sources as well.

Content competence report

Is it like you are generating a lot of content on your website but is unable to track it? What you need is a content competence report. This report will track all the entrances, bounces, page views, and goal competitions.

Keyword Analysis Report

It always feels great when a website get organic traffic from Google. Keyword analysis report is essential for your business as it helps you know the rank of your keywords and also tracks the performance of your encrypted keywords.

Bounce Rate Report

Bounce rate is defined as the number of visitors who don’t take any action and leave from the page. Use this report to find out the rate of customers who are not paying any interest to your site and this will also help you improve the efficiency of your web page. If visitors are exiting only after reading one page of your article, this means that you need to work on your content.

Landing Page Report

Users can visit your webpage from anywhere they want to; it can be by typing the homepage URL or clicking on a link shared on your LinkedIn. The report will let you know which pages visitors are landing on. You can also find out how users are interacting with your site.

Final Thoughts:

Google analytics is always considered as an essential marketing tool. But making the most of this marketing tool can be a challenging task. Google analytics report is particularly useful to those who are new to marketing. You can use such reports as guides as that would help you understand this tool better.Contact Vidushi Infotech digital marketing consultant for your business needs.

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