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5 Easy Techniques to Survive Google Algorithm Updates

5 easy ways to survive google algorithm updates

Google algorithms – scary, aren’t they? Well, whenever there has been a new algorithm announcement by Google, like Penguin, Panda or Hummingbird, the SEO world has often seen a catastrophic impact. Whenever Google happens to grace us with the presence of its algorithms, haunted stories of lost ranking and penalties spread. In such conditions there is no escape even for faithful websites; even they live below the shadow and fear algorithm updates by Google.

What are the next steps in such a scenario?
The truth is that, things are not that miserable as they seem. One isn’t helpless beyond imagination. Below are 5 SEO strategies that can be used in every SEO campaign to handle and deal with whatever comes our way from Google. Wish you all the luck.

1. In Sync with Google’s Instructions.
Google being the most popularly and widely used search engine has a good hold on the SEO industry. Keeping this in mind, the best way towards survival is doing what Google says!

This definitely sounds obvious. But to your surprise there are many companies that fail to realize the worth of an astounding amount of free information made available to all by Google. In depth information to general website advices, all of it is dedicated to enhance the performance of a website.

Below mentioned are two ways to stay on top in terms of the latest changes from Google.
• Invest time in reading Google’s web developers guides.
• Subscribing to the Webmasters Newsletter will keep you up-to-date with frequent changes.
Additional but important tip: Following Twitter accounts of noteworthy Google employees will help sustain changes. They answer expert questions on frequent basis, these conversations can well equip you with SEO trends and upcoming Google features.

2. Go Mobile
In case you missed, but Google has caught high pace in transforming into a mobile-first world. Continuous development of AMP pages and competition between mobile and desktop split, Google works as a guiding torch in the new era of search. In the coming years desktop results will not be of much value. Infact they will not be seen as primary results by users, this title will exclusively be for mobile. This clearly indicates that, you should move your base to mobile, or be ready to face the consequences.

Wait a minute; let’s take a look at the consequences.

Majority of Google’s algorithm updates aim at rectifying poor web usage or poor SEO tactics use in the past. Penguin was for spam links, Panda for bad content and Humming Bird for better search results. These algorithms hit hard offenders resulting into ranking despair. Mistakes can be forgiven, only if hard work is put into it, and it is the same for mobile.

If you have fallen short at efforts, beware the lack off does not go unnoticed. Google is aware of everything and has an eye on sites that still need to dive in. This has caused Google to offer incentives in order to go mobile, the incentive is in the form of “Mobile May” algorithm update. This update has rewarded sites that have newly turned course to being mobile-friendly with a slight boost in ranking. Similarly we believe that AMP pages might get that slight boost in the time to come.

The next obvious question here is,
What do I have to do?
Well! As we all know Google has answers to almost everything. In the way Google supplies plenty of information to create a great website; it similarly has lot of information on the smooth transition to mobile.
• Mobile-friendly Test
• AMP guides
• Tips for working with web developers

Google knows that majority of internet users, use Google services on their mobile devices, and hence Google wants to make sure that these users witness good experience too. Google is striving towards building a web culture that caters to user demands, answers and information immediately, and to be in the game we too have to buck up and meet those demands. It is vital for the existence of the website.

3. Road Map
Are you aware of the term “future proof?” Well the term simply means to put efforts now in order to be prepared for happenings in the future. In terms of the SEO world, this indicates predicting changes that will be responsible for success of the website in future. These can account elements that can rise or lower the websites ranking, etc. It is well understood that everybody wants to future-proof methods that can encourage rise of the website rankings.

Well in reality it is difficult to future proof, precautions can be taken by subscribing to newsletter and going through the information guides, but it is near to impossible to predict what the search engine will come up with next. Google is excellent with building suspense and giving surprises as Google doesn’t always announce the time frame of its updates.

4. Keep going till you achieve success.
Well this point does sound a bit hypocritical, but an important aspect of SEO strategy needs you to being consistent with what you are doing. It is important to have trust in the campaigns.
The Solution
• Continue the supply of quality content along with engaging social media posts, and all other routine stuff.
• Monitor the web traffic. It is important to keep a track of efforts; else it will be difficult to track and know when your pages perform below expectations.

5. Patience and faith work well
For some who really puts in hard work and efforts it is difficult to swallow this fact, but there are times in an SEO campaign where you can’t do anything beyond a limit, but simply wait be patient for Google to process your efforts. This can be annoying at times; especially when fast moving road map is the plan. Well at times it is imperative to wait for Google to acknowledge the efforts put in by you.

The past has seen long waiting period for Google to roll out an update, but now even Google is well aware about the web moving fast and Google understands it better and provides faster results to webmasters.
An example of which is Google baking in Panda and Penguin both into its core algorithm in the same year.

Google has its own mysterious ways to work. There is no way we can predict what Google has next in store for us. Just remember whatever happens you are now equipped with solutions to avoid the recession. The 5 tricks mentioned above can help you avoid the meltdown and survive the sudden shock of algorithm updates. Even then if you feel dissatisfied; you certainly can seek opinion from an experienced professional, putting in place algorithm survival strategies.

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