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Reasons Why Shorter Content Claims To Be Future Of Content Marketing

The definition has been adapted from The Content Marketing Institute.”Content marketing is the strategy of creating and distributing valuable and relevant information to a specific target market with the end goal of driving profitable customer actions. Content is the present and future of marketing. Yes it certainly is. Less content or more content is totally a case based preference. But dominantly content proves itself to be a key player while attracting powerful Return on Investment. There is a wide range to choose from various types of content available for marketing. Blogs Articles Infographics Webinars Whitepapers Case Studies Videos Landing pages One should choose which combination suits the business best. Content producers and creators need to consider the following while creating content to achieve its ultimate business goals. Understanding your goals Baseline to content is, to have a clear idea about the end goal which … [Read more...]


Six Conversion Optimization Initiatives for Inbound Marketing to Implement Today

Before we start with clarifying conversion optimization initiatives for inbound marketing, it’s better to have a clear idea about CRO. CRO or conversion rate optimization is the method of creating an experience for your website visitors that will turn them into customers. Conversion happens all over your website- on your homepage, your blog, your pricing page and even on your landing pages. You can actually optimize all those conversions to help your business achieve successful results. CRO and Inbound marketing go well together but, no one is concerned with conversion rates than the inbound marketer. But, many inbound marketers are not aware of what CRO is and how it can benefit their business. They don’t even know where to start from. Here are some essential CRO initiatives that will help conversion rates and inbound marketing performance a boost. Keep on reading; Visitor Heatmaps Running an inbound program without running heat mapping software is not really a good idea. A … [Read more...]


Your AdWords Account Needs An Audit.

Google Adwords is an integral part of the marketing team budget for many businesses. The AdWords program empowers a business to set on its advertising budget and make payment only when users click. Since, a lot of money is dedicated towards Google Adwords by an organization, it is very essential to have a close and timely check on its performance parameters. Audits make businesses familiar with the loop holes, which the advertizing campaign goes through, which cannot be gauged while on a normal routine. AdWords Account Audit gives a clear picture about where there is a leakage and money is being wasted. Why an Account Audit is strongly recommended? As time passes by, the account tends to fall into a set routine practice and updates. At such moments, it is very difficult to comprehend what can be the missing factor. The best way to look out for grey areas where revenues might escape is, to put the account under scrutiny. Experience speaks that, even the most tightly operating … [Read more...]


Things to Happen In PPC So Far In 2016

In February 2016, there was a bunch of announcements that were made during the Google Performance Summit. Expectedly, search marketers will be working more effectively on those announcements in the second half of the year. Here is a look back at all those updates and news that are ready to create an impact so far this year. The Bing Network Bing started taking over the powering search and search ads on AOL from Google. In the 10 year deal, ads were served on AOL and syndicated search partners. Till date Bing continues to serve ads of Yahoo results, but the account management is completely separate. Bing ads scaled up a sales force of 450 and then transitioned over 10,000 managed accounts in North America. Right Rail Ads In February, 2016; Google confirmed that they would no longer provide text ads in the right rail on desktop. This paved the way for Google’s expanded text ads announcement. Bid Ad Changes for Locals and Maps Google started showing ads in the … [Read more...]


Tips To Optimize Contact Page for Better Conversions

In today’s competitive age, it is really difficult to have your own online store. With so many things to look after like managing inventory, photographing products, creating a social media strategy, marketing your site and so on; some pages are overlooked. One such important page that needs proper attention is the Contact Us page. The “Contact Us” page is a strong way to connect with customers, generate leads and deliver support. For small and mid size business owners, this is an often overlooked opportunity to reach customers through social media. You can collect all the basic information of a customer through this contact us page. This provides transparency to your customer base. But, do you know the steps the needs to be followed when creating a contact us page? Here we go: Gather Proper Information Create something that serves easy for the users to operate or understand. Keep the required number of fields and ensure to have enough required fields for name, email and … [Read more...]


6 Vital Google Analytics Reports That Every Marketers Should Know About

Google Analytics is the most preferred free tool, used for measuring the success of your inbound marketing efforts. No matter what, marketers should have a deep understanding of this tool and its conversion measurement capabilities. Google Analytics can help you with its report on whether your efforts are actually translating into results or not. Mastering the art of Google analytics is not that easy, especially for the beginners. There are actually loads of things that need to be kept in mind when operating this marketing tool. No need to panic as we have sum up a list of some truly essential Google analytics report that can help marketers deliver a better and improved performance. Mobile Performance Report As we live in a mobile-first world, the number of mobile users exceeds the number of desktop users. On the other hand, mobile ecommerce is approximately 30 percent of all the other eCommerce in the US. Growing demand for mobile devices all over the globe is one of the … [Read more...]


Top 5 Digital Marketing Rules To Beat Your Competitors

Factually speaking, today’s digital marketing marketplace is crowded with marketers all trying to reach at the top. We all are striving hard without understanding the true rules of engagement. It is because of the digital age that we can connect with our near and dear ones without any difficulty. Here is a list of top 5 digital marketing rules that the marketers should follow to beat the competitors and stand apart: Understanding your audience The key to successful digital marketing is to understand what your targeted audience wants from you. In today’s age of cutthroat competition, knowing about the keywords to include on your website is not enough. There are many ways to uncover what your customers want from you: Asking customers directly Conducting surveys Delving deep into Google Analytics to uncover popular content Doing a bit of research work to find out the top questions being asked through search engines Keep it clear It is a fact that 92 percent of … [Read more...]


Mobile: How to Deal with This New Battleground

With the world of mobile continuing to explode, key players like Facebook, Google and Apple are investing high in efforts to create themselves as the leading player in the new market scenario, soon to be emerging as a result. These companies are flourishing in a big way on enduring changes in mobile usage and user expectations for mobile devices. This signifies that you should be too. All you need is to have mobile-first mentality. Such investments are taking place at different levels. Google has already made mobile friendliness a ranking factor and is on the verge to increase the strength of that signal in May 2016. Enduring growth of Mobile Devices The growth of mobile devices is happening much faster than you think or imagine. According to a recent survey, PCs, tablets and smartphones will be about 25 percent of the installed internet enabled devices by 2020. Few years back, the ratio was different; only two-third represented the installed internet devices. This is what … [Read more...]


What are the Metrics to Analyze for Keyword Research Success?

When it comes to improving online presence, something that we need to focus on the most is keyword research. Ranking in search engine result pages is a real challenge for the marketers. Brainstorming keyword ideas is great, but you are not heading the right way if you are not looking or considering the right metrics. Metrics are responsible for determining our data driven decisions that eventually make search a powerful marketing channel. But what are the essential metrics to consider while performing keyword research? Let’s find out. Search Volume Search volume tops the list of metrics used for keyword research. This metric is universally used for keyword research. Derived from Google’s Keyword Planner, a free tool used with Adwords, it forms a base for popularity of a given search query. Recently Russ Jones discussed some of the issues with relying on Keyword Planner search volume. Jones said that the search volume numbers are rounded to 85 buckets and the 12 month … [Read more...]


The Future of SEO in 2016

The world of search engine optimization experience loads of updates and changes every year. Fortunately, 2015 was relatively a quiet year for the SEOs. But what is about 2016? What are the changes that the SEO world will experience this year? With ad blocking still swirling around, expectedly, 2016 will be an exciting year for the SEOs. Based on thorough research work and comments by client, we have come up with some predictions that the SEO world will experience this year. Growth of Social Search As we can see more social networking sites expanding their search functionality, changes in search behavior will be observed for sure. Instead of those traditional questions based search leading to external content, social media sites like Facebook is working hard on internal search. This will become a vital part of SEO engagements as today, brands make use of search engines to recover their organic reach that they lost due to algorithm updates. Decline of Technical SEO Gone are … [Read more...]