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3 Content Marketing Tricks to Convert Your Traffic into Sales Leads

Ever since traditional marketing forms have taken a little more backseat, small and large businesses seem to tightly embrace digital marketing. And when it comes to earning high ROIs, what could better help you gain it than content marketing efforts? Yes, content marketing is the core of digital marketing practice and if you aim to convert the traffic coming to your site into sales leads, crafting your own content marketing strategy cannot be skipped. A recently drawn statistical data says that 83% of marketers in the world have a well-defined content marketing strategy, customized for their business. How could you lag behind just because you lack the right plan to market the content! Research, write, publish, repeat - is that what you’ve been doing lately? While communication devices are tremendously swarming with content, it’s not enough to simply write and publish. You must constantly measure the impact of your content marketing activities on the business. Discover what … [Read more...]


5 Things Can Ruin Your AdWords Campaigns

Online marketing professionals across the globe have been noticing that conversion tracking on AdWords is increasing at a rapid pace. But, optimizing AdWords can be quite tough as well as time consuming. Considering this fact, researchers & AdWord professionals have come up with few pointers that can ruin your AdWords campaigns. Let's have a look at common AdWords mistakes, which are as follows: Avoid using keywords in your ad copy: If you want to create an effective AdWords campaigns, selecting the right keywords is a must. It is recommended to research for the appropriate keywords for your ads. With Google AdWords, you can target the audience who browse websites with the search term, words or phrases related to your business.  In addition, it is suggested to use the “broad match” type for each keyword selection. Avoid using negative keywords in your settings: Negative keywords in your AdWords campaign means that the search engine will not display your ads … [Read more...]


Top Guidelines for an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Are you a small or medium business owner since over a decade? You might have tried traditionally popular outbound marketing strategies such as TV/radio advertising, cold calling, email blasts, direct paper mails, message alerts, and sales flyers. Undoubtedly, they might have worked, but with the current market scenario, things have changed a lot and if you want your business to succeed, then adopting the changing face of marketing is a must!  It's Inbound Marketing that allows you to keep up with the digital age and target potential customers who are looking for products/services of their choice. People are getting better at blocking out the outbound marketing interruptions by using spam protection, caller ID, and TiVo. They are increasingly turning to social media and marketing blogs to find products as well as services.  While the outbound marketing can repeatedly fail to market your business effectively, the inbound marketing can certainly help to get your business … [Read more...]


Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to Advertise Small Medium Company

The era of digital signage matters a lot when it comes to online presence or brand recognition. While everything is becoming digital savvy, why not switch the marketing strategy? Online or digital marketing is the new marketing life-line of every business, which creates brand awareness and leads to success. If you are looking forward to gain excellent leads and ROI through a perfectly planned digital marketing strategy, then hiring a professional agency is the best way to reach the bottom line of business. There are thousands of Internet marketing companies to choose from. Why Hire a Professional Digital Marketing Agency? Simple, because you can’t do it all on your own, with the desired expertise !  No matter you are the marketing head, or a small business owner running all day for every small and big job to get completed, your time and attention both are pulled into hundreds of directions. It's needless to say that you’re spread thin; and nothing can be achieved up to the … [Read more...]


Reach Local Markets through Global Insights

With the advent of electronic media, everything is available online; be it a pen or a giant treadmill. The digital landscape has been evolving with incredibly rapid pace and the Internet offers the largest milieu open with numerous opportunities, for both businesses and customers. Are you a small or medium business owner delving to grab more number of customers than ever? It's definitely difficult to attract new clients to your door; rather even more difficult, if you have an online business! Unlike an actual shop that attracts people walking by with slick advertising strategies and alluring offers, online businesses lack the luxury of a physical presence. Thus, adopting digital smartness and savvy approach becomes vital while marketing such a business. This is where Vidushi InfoTech comes into picture! When it comes to making most of your online presence, Vidushi's online marketing consultants can provide with the global expertise to reach local markets. We assist … [Read more...]


Leverage Social Community Platform to Connect Local & Global Associates

Regardless of the industry-type, corporate leaders tend to create an intuitive platform to connect with prospective customers through social media channels. However, the fact remains that there has always been a distance between message and the mode of communication. But, the question arises as how to deliver end-to-end solution to with social technologies. The next best practice is to listen to the audience and understand their expectation in real-time scenario. In India, Facebook and Twitter are the most vibrant and dynamic social media platforms for individuals, groups and corporate world to share information/data and connect with like-minded people; thereby germinating new ideas and views. The swift turnaround in social networking has brought various investors and corporate individuals to provide figures, data and news about their products and services to online audience globally; nonetheless, establishing effective communication with client-base. Social community platforms like … [Read more...]


Five Outstanding Content Marketing Tips to Improve Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Content marketing is an innovative technique to counteract competitors, creating online exposure and brand visibility. It has always been a secret weapon for online marketers to engage and entice the potential audience with unique and informative content … [Read more...]


Halse, Havemmann & Lloyd – SEO Case Study

Project - Goal:To achieve the keyword rankings for the most tough keywords like Divorce lawyers, Divorce Attorney Durban , Divorce Attorney Pinetown etc.(1st page of Google) Generating leads from organic search engine optimization Generating good amount of leads and traffic Indexing pages on major search engines Backlink building to the website from quality sitesTraffic improvement. Earlier status of the target SEO keywords: Strategy : We began by performing a thorough audit of the client's website, looking for regions that could be improved upon and for new opportunities where they could stand out from their competitors. Starting with a well prepared SEO Action Plan; we have performed the initial pre-optimization for the website, competitor analysis, and website audit. We have also performed the quality niche link earning, competitor analysis for getting quality Backlinks, local listing and content evaluation including keyword density and … [Read more...]


FMC – SEO Case Study

Project - Goal:To successfully launch an organic SEO campaign Keyword ranking on the first page of Google search results Generating good amount of leads and traffic Successfully promoting the website on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Work Strategy : Starting with a well prepared SEO Action Plan; we have performed the initial pre-optimization for the website, competitor analysis, and website audit. We have also performed the quality niche link earning, competitor analysis for getting quality Backlinks, local listing and content evaluation (keyword density and duplicate content checking). Our plan of action also included checking the improvement of the website every 2 months, so that necessary steps can be taken to improve the ranking and generating good amount of traffic for the website. Results : After working for 5 months as per our strategy, the website got indexed on Google and other major search engines with … [Read more...]


Local SEO Case Study

Project - This case study shows how a regional local SEO program assists in increasing the brand awareness in a competitive market. Goal:Keyword ranking on the first page of Google search results Indexing pages on major search engines Earning back links to websites Generating leads from organic search engine optimization Increase Local Citation of Business. Work Strategy : Our team started with a first-ever SEO strategy after crunching the data. The team found much of its best opportunities in location-based SEO. The team took the following six steps: Competitor Analysis - We performed the competitor analysis for A village fireplace in which we checked all the competitor site performance irrespective their Backlinks, local citation, and other factors. Keyword selection (Geo-targeted keywords)- The team performed keyword analysis, and many of the opportunities the team uncovered were variations of a broader keyword, … [Read more...]