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Top 5 Digital Marketing Rules To Beat Your Competitors

Factually speaking, today’s digital marketing marketplace is crowded with marketers all trying to reach at the top. We all are striving hard without understanding the true rules of engagement. It is because of the digital age that we can connect with our near and dear ones without any difficulty. Here is a list of top 5 digital marketing rules that the marketers should follow to beat the competitors and stand apart: Understanding your audience The key to successful digital marketing is to understand what your targeted audience wants from you. In today’s age of cutthroat competition, knowing about the keywords to include on your website is not enough. There are many ways to uncover what your customers want from you: Asking customers directly Conducting surveys Delving deep into Google Analytics to uncover popular content Doing a bit of research work to find out the top questions being asked through search engines Keep it clear It is a fact that 92 percent of … [Read more...]


Mobile: How to Deal with This New Battleground

With the world of mobile continuing to explode, key players like Facebook, Google and Apple are investing high in efforts to create themselves as the leading player in the new market scenario, soon to be emerging as a result. These companies are flourishing in a big way on enduring changes in mobile usage and user expectations for mobile devices. This signifies that you should be too. All you need is to have mobile-first mentality. Such investments are taking place at different levels. Google has already made mobile friendliness a ranking factor and is on the verge to increase the strength of that signal in May 2016. Enduring growth of Mobile Devices The growth of mobile devices is happening much faster than you think or imagine. According to a recent survey, PCs, tablets and smartphones will be about 25 percent of the installed internet enabled devices by 2020. Few years back, the ratio was different; only two-third represented the installed internet devices. This is what … [Read more...]


What are the Metrics to Analyze for Keyword Research Success?

When it comes to improving online presence, something that we need to focus on the most is keyword research. Ranking in search engine result pages is a real challenge for the marketers. Brainstorming keyword ideas is great, but you are not heading the right way if you are not looking or considering the right metrics. Metrics are responsible for determining our data driven decisions that eventually make search a powerful marketing channel. But what are the essential metrics to consider while performing keyword research? Let’s find out. Search Volume Search volume tops the list of metrics used for keyword research. This metric is universally used for keyword research. Derived from Google’s Keyword Planner, a free tool used with Adwords, it forms a base for popularity of a given search query. Recently Russ Jones discussed some of the issues with relying on Keyword Planner search volume. Jones said that the search volume numbers are rounded to 85 buckets and the 12 month … [Read more...]


The Future of SEO in 2016

The world of search engine optimization experience loads of updates and changes every year. Fortunately, 2015 was relatively a quiet year for the SEOs. But what is about 2016? What are the changes that the SEO world will experience this year? With ad blocking still swirling around, expectedly, 2016 will be an exciting year for the SEOs. Based on thorough research work and comments by client, we have come up with some predictions that the SEO world will experience this year. Growth of Social Search As we can see more social networking sites expanding their search functionality, changes in search behavior will be observed for sure. Instead of those traditional questions based search leading to external content, social media sites like Facebook is working hard on internal search. This will become a vital part of SEO engagements as today, brands make use of search engines to recover their organic reach that they lost due to algorithm updates. Decline of Technical SEO Gone are … [Read more...]


7 Essential SEO Traps to Avoid Google Downranking In 2016

To keep your website competitive and more visible the New Year, it is crucial to know about the latest SEO 2016 tactics. In the past four years, the SEO strategies that used to rank better have changed drastically. Google ranking has also undergone a severe change and thus, as a website owner it is your responsibility to be aware of the traps that one should avoid to prevent Google downranking. It’s high time to prepare yourself against the host of uncertain SEO moves, so that your website doesn’t experience any trouble. Below mentioned are some SEO traps that you should desperately avoid in SEO 2016. Link Building In 2015, John Mueller said that webmasters should avoid link building because it is not at all effective and is unnatural. But recently, Google clarified that asking, buying and selling for links is absolutely fine until you are violating Google Webmaster Guidelines. Link building is not only about getting links from other sites and ranking high in search engine. … [Read more...]


Quicker Ways to Amplify Your Content’s Reach

Every minute, millions of content are created online. Few of them reach their targeted audience and others are just left behind! Content creation is simple but getting it out there in front of right audience is a bit tricky. To get proper attention, you just need to amplify your content’s reach. Frankly speaking, you don’t need tens of thousands of views for your content, but you should at least aim for thousand, even when you are just a beginner. This informative piece of writing will let you know the ways you should consider for mounting content’s reach. Influencers Can Help You Out Influencers are those who can control the power within a particular industry and niche. They are resource persons and they command a large number of engaged followers. If you can find out 5-10 influencers, you can easily promote your content and get the right amount of traffic. Besides sending traffic to your website, a well respected voice can add excellence and stamp of authority to your … [Read more...]


Fetal Medicine

Project - Goal:- Fetal Medicine Center – Established in 2002, The Fetal Medicine & Genetic Center is a leading provider of prenatal care and genetic testing for pregnant women and specialist Gynaecological services in the UAE. Our clinical services are performed by expert physicians who are certified by European Board and the Fetal Medicine Foundation in London. In addition, we are an OSCAR clinic (One Step Clinic for early Assessment of Risk) for chromosomal abnormalities screening … [Read more...]


Aquatic Center

Project - Aquatic Center in Guatemala – “The Franchise of SWIM America to Gautemala” provides certified Swim Teachers, Trainers, and Aquatic Training Facilities for all ages, learning levels and tastes. Our instructors keep on measuring the performance with progressive results sessions after session. … [Read more...]


Morad Yousuf Behbehani

Project - Behbehani Group has a chain of luxury boutiques across Kuwait displaying world's best brands in menswear, watches, jewelry, automobiles, and AV systems. The company has a series of luxury boutiques all over the country and is committed to sell the best brands in the world. The company engages in retail & wholesale trade, vehicle distribution, engineering, and travel businesses. … [Read more...]


My Village Fireplace

Project - My Fireplace- Located in London Ontario is a huge retailer of fine gas fireplaces, wood fireplaces, furnaces, air conditioners, mantels and many more. However, it has two showroom locations with various gas, wood and electric fireplaces on display. MyFireplace sells, installs and services fireplaces, furnaces and air conditioning. My Fireplace upholds the highest level of standards in services and customer satisfaction. … [Read more...]