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Reasons that Explain Cause of High Bounce Rate

On many occasions visitors or searchers tend to land on a website and leave. He or she just happens to vaguely browse through content and leaves, without any trace of activity. This percentage of visitors that leave a website without clicks or conversions is called bounce rate. Well this situation definitely has the potential to tense up marketers, giving them a reason to worry. As we all know bounce rate is nothing but, the percentage of visitors that happen to leave a website. And before the actual worry begins, one need to consider that “high” is a relative term. Audience view tab in Google Analytics maintain and display overall bounce rate of a website. Reasons are many, as to why websites encounter high bounce rate. Let’s scan common reasons and also arrive to solutions that can help fix these issues. 1. Slow-page load times Longer than 4 seconds is slow in the digital world. When websites take longer than 3 to 4 seconds to load, visitors bidding adieu to the … [Read more...]


5 Easy Techniques to Survive Google Algorithm Updates

Google algorithms – scary, aren’t they? Well, whenever there has been a new algorithm announcement by Google, like Penguin, Panda or Hummingbird, the SEO world has often seen a catastrophic impact. Whenever Google happens to grace us with the presence of its algorithms, haunted stories of lost ranking and penalties spread. In such conditions there is no escape even for faithful websites; even they live below the shadow and fear algorithm updates by Google. What are the next steps in such a scenario? The truth is that, things are not that miserable as they seem. One isn’t helpless beyond imagination. Below are 5 SEO strategies that can be used in every SEO campaign to handle and deal with whatever comes our way from Google. Wish you all the luck. 1. In Sync with Google’s Instructions. Google being the most popularly and widely used search engine has a good hold on the SEO industry. Keeping this in mind, the best way towards survival is doing what Google says! This … [Read more...]


Ad Customizers: The New Power Engine For Adwords

“Adwords” a Google product has been growing ever since its launch; step-by-step capabilities have been added to enhance the product for a better user experience. Marketers moreover keep a close check to have an edge in PPC, so that the campaign has capabilities to outperform even in competitive blueprints. 2013 Adwords came up with the use of Programming, in order to set up time saving and performance boosting automations with the help of Adwords Scripts. This was the story 3 years back, now that we are headed to 2017, Adwords has an entirely different power feature which allows users to make use of programming directed to improve performance. Customizers are at the junction of topics like feed-based advertising and programming. There are a few innovative methods to use the old format of feed based capabilities, which will be covered along with the brand-new programming –based techniques. Addition Of Brand New Capabilities To Ad Customizers The ad customizer capabilities … [Read more...]


Google Maps with Live View to Solve Peak-Hour Issues at Venues

It’s time for some good news! Google upgraded the functionality of “popular times” feature in Google Search and Maps to achieve a new height. People can now check out the relative popularity of a given place in live time. As per Google, this cool addition will let you see for how long people usually stay at a given destination and how much crowded the place is. This is going to be super helpful for us to settle on things like where to go or whether you want to spend some time shopping or you would like to visit somewhere else. This has been implemented in a manner so that you can plan your itinerary, the better way. Google’s “popular times” feature appeared last year to show how crowded bars, restaurants, cafes and shops are, as per historical visits. From Monday onwards, Search and Maps moved a step ahead with live updates to help people with real-time estimate of how crowded a place is. With this trait, people can navigate their way around shopping corners … [Read more...]


Adwords price extension now available in swipeable format

We again have some exciting news from Google. Yes! We are talking about the official change Google has made to Price extensions by making them available in swipeable format. Price extension format in the new text ad made way to provide pricing related information about products and or services. Price extensions were launched in the month of July and in November we see a nice twist associated. Price extensions were released with an aim to provide ease to mobile users, as they are a mobile-only format. Price extensions present information in a structured format, and makes it easier for users to make decision towards choosing their kind of add for a click. Let’s bounce back to the swipeable format of AdWords ad extension; webmasters are now very familiar and comfortable using the price extension. This new feature seems to be a helpful tweak. Google states that price extensions are also being rolled out for more languages and different currencies. Initially when price … [Read more...]


The Impact of Possum Updates on Local Search Results

Google on September 1, 2016 secretly released an update which is dearly called Possum by the SEO community. Possum update by Google only affects local search results. To make this simpler, if you are not apprehensive about the location factor, this update will not make any difference to you. Google’s latest algorithm update Possum is significant and shows ostensibly positive results towards users and local businesses. Local business, like mom and pop stores, laundries, bakeries or even plumbing services need to be pushed on local searches. Possum isn’t an update officially announced by Google. Enthusiastic local SEO experts came to a conclusion after noticing behavioural changes in the search results. Mozcat and Algoroo are awesome in the art of tracking shifts in search results, but to a surprise Possum algorithm update did not create a buzz in their charts. This is a possibility as, the SERP might not contain a 3-pack, and that’s possibly the reason as to why these big … [Read more...]


Google’s AMP Garners Mixed Reviews From Publishers

Google always has a goal that is associated with user experience. These days everybody carries a mobile phone and wants to play around with the web on their mobile devices. Google AMP is a step towards making the mobile web faster and more efficient for it users, giving the best user experience. Users on an average want a page to load within a couple of seconds, else they will not return to that site. Taking all this into consideration, Google had come up with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). As stated by The Wall Street journal, AMP is garnering mixed feedback from publishers. Root cause of the issue is that, AMP’s fail to generate revenue equal to full mobile sites; also publishers don’t have the required amount of control over ads. Many publishers say that AMP page view presently generates approximately 50% of revenue, when compared to full mobile websites. This is largely believed to happen because of limitations in relation to type of ad units. AMP ads are barrier to … [Read more...]


Method To Implement Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

Enhanced ecommerce tracking is the modified version of traditional ecommerce tracking. Differentiating factors here are (a) Enhanced ecommerce tracking provides more ways and scope of collecting and analyzing data. (b) Reports generated on enhanced ecommerce tracking are twice in number, as compared to the traditional ecommerce tracking. It brings in a deeper understanding of ecommerce user engagement & is like an ecommerce tracking booster. Enhanced ecommerce tracking has the ability to track all the eleven most important shopping activities and more for deeper insight of shopping behavior.Implementation is not easy, to get more out of the new plug-in it is advisable to go for ecommerce SEO package. Following are the steps necessary for implementation of Enhanced E-commerce Tracking *Note: For implementation of enhanced ecommerce tracking, same like traditional ecommerce tracking, it is mandatory to add a server side script. Upgrade Universal Analytics Up gradation to … [Read more...]


Penguin updates now free from previous penalties

Penguin update is one of Google’s very noticeable changes to its algorithm. It was launched in April 2012, with an aim to pick up sites considered to be spamming its outputs. As Google always is concerned about quality, Penguin update was introduced to prevent activities like keywords stuffing and cloaking which violate and manipulate Google’s quality guidelines in order to have better rankings. Penguin update operates at intervals, and it finds out and penalizes sites, for violating Google’s guidelines. An auxiliary document with the list of penalties is available on Google. Time span between updates and penalties remain frozen until a new update happens. Even if issues are corrected, the penalty is carried forward until the next Penguin update takes place. Google’s announcement of the Penguin update topped a common question in everybody’s mind as to “How soon could they recover? Gary Illyes from Google confirms that the wait will not be too long, he also … [Read more...]


Implementation of Mobile Specific Ad Copy Vital for Expanded Text Ad Success

Mobile phones or more dearly known as smart phones are gaining huge popularity. Mobile preference is taking giant steps and hence it is necessary to have strategies in place. Conversions are easier, when mobile phone users can comfortably & securely complete purchase processes just over click of a button. First half of 2016 with popular search ad test worked as a yardstick of click- through rates for Ads. Google and Bing representatives worldwide confirmed that CTR’s went almost double, when mobile optimized ads were compared to no preference ads. Sites that gave a try to implementing and testing these mobile specific Ad copy, experienced huge success, not only that but SERP also served these sites in higher-ranking positions while SEM’s developed creative, which was friendly to mobile searches. As a result device based target setting at ad level, is changing preference to being able to make adjustments at the campaign and ad group levels. Device-specific ad copy associated … [Read more...]